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  • Jill Phillips


Authenticity arrives home.

I have never understood why my work has the little quirky / ‘abnormal’ (or very normal) sections added to them until now.

In life we have become beings that may or may not be accepted for who we are, if we are not accepted then we can alter ourselves to be accepted… sounds perfect, right? Yet when we do this, we lose our true essence, our reason for being us, sometimes our very reason for being here.

Within design the same rings true. A piece or product can be adored for what it is, and rightly so, someone has given part of themselves to create such things of beauty. Before it reaches any sort of physical form it has begun in the mind and an honest form of creation takes place. A true process of creation. However, when things are not beautiful in the eye of the beholder; some are quick to scorn, speak ill of or damage it.

As a collective we need to remember that there is a beauty in everything we see and this is why I have unique oddities within my work. With these unique twists I give the beholder a chance to explore, to discover, to gain and most of all to re connect with the visual or physical form. I want to engage with you, the piece takes you on a mini adventure.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder however to remember that beauty can come in forms of scratches, damage or purposely moving it from the perfect and the beauty becomes that which is the story we hold connected to it. Your connection to it takes on a different form from the visual sense. It may not now be ‘perfect’ but it has a history, a why or how? It moves from the five senses we rely into the emotional, the feeling, the connection we have with our subconscious that we are often not aware of…

So next time you banish something for now being appealing to you, remember that someone has a connection to it and from that they are connected to you, the world becomes a very small place…

Unexpected shapes and forms create authenticity, the surprise twists in my work are my cheeky hello to you, it makes each and every product connected to me and through that I have connected with you.

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