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  • Jill Phillips

Beauty in Process

We all love a bit of sparkle, right?

Take the process of the diamond; nothing sparkles like a diamond, also don’t forget it is mega tough! Whats not to like.

A raw diamond straight out of the ground can appear like a lump of coal. Diamonds are formed around 100 miles below the earth’s surface. They are made from carbon atoms, under a high temperature and pressure; they bond together to start growing crystals. Because of the temperature and pressure, under these conditions, carbon atoms will bond to each other in this very strong type of bonding where each carbon atom is bonded to four other carbon atoms... other carbon atoms in the vicinity latch on and so the form grows.

The diamonds that we see at the surface are ones then that are brought to the surface by a very deep-seated volcanic eruption. These eruptions carried the already-formed diamonds from the upper mantle to the surface of the Earth.

With processes and polishing we form these lumps of carbon into polished diamonds.

So can anyone or anything be polished up? Of course! We even ‘polish’ ourselves up if we are going to a special occasion.

Every product we can purchase has gone through a process of refining and polishing. There has been a raw beauty in this process, unseen to the consumer, that allows us to achieve the optimum result.

The video shows a process of refinement that my envelope collection had to go through to obtain the desired result. Painful as it was. The technical process required refinement to allow me to laser engrave on these vintage envelopes. My goal was to engrave the antique paper not to cut it. We had a few casualties along the way!

Whilst our stores sell us gorgeous, shiny, sparkly new things, the process of getting there has been just as important. As consumers we only see the final polished product that has been introduced to the market; before this there has been quite the adventure.

Without the process there would be no polished, perfect, end result.

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