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  • Jill Phillips

Burgundy For Spring

The way we use colour is changing.

Colour palettes come and go; alter season to season. Each season these shift slightly from the last season on an evolving journey however cultural shifts can change colours rapidly some get boosted into the forefront or of fall away just as quick. World events can shape these changes alongside many other factors.

The industry constantly expands and grows; new concepts create trends, the constant evolvement of fashion. This fulfils our desire for more; our ever-growing expansion of ourself.

Next spring/ summer, we will see the emergence of dark colours in summer. This is unusual during the summer season. We have normally left these colours to the duller winter months. Striving to create something fresh the consumer will get a familiar colour during an unfamiliar season. This also improves on sustainability as the consumer demands more from retailers. A wardrobe that is seasonless, moving from one season into the next with ease and a few clever shifts between garments.

Pastels, the summer colours, will be able to be used in conjunction with the deep dark tones of aqua greens or deep petrol blues.

Burgundy has been usually popular for autumn/winter colour palettes but creeps in as a solid colour combined with lighter colours to give a summer look. Think of burgundy and pink. Use the pink to uplift the look or a burgundy bag to balance the vibrant tones of the summer brights.

Deep tones in the backgrounds of summer florals. Palettes ranging from the light and bright to the deeper colours which will not be out of place in the winter months.

The evolvement of pale colours in summer and darker colours in the winter months is changing. Colour will be about balance. How is the dark colour balanced with a lighter colour? This will create the summer look. It is new but leaves the dark and light palette more open to be used all year around giving us all something new to play with.

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