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  • Jill Phillips


Would you buy a garment because you like the colour but not necessarily the pattern?

As designers, we have to take into account many factors whilst designing any product. There are a lot of practical ones like sustainability, manufacturing process, materials, packaging etc. consumers tend to forget the practical side of design that can restrict designers When they buy something. Our senses affect us in all manner of forms; as designers we have to take this into account. How does the fabric feel? The fit. The colour. The pattern. The choices a fashion designer makes tend to make the product a success or can make it an unpopular choice…

Some of these choices are limited by cost, manufacturing possibilities sustainability etc. Let’s focus in on two which we have free choice over, purely aesthetical, colour and pattern. Does one have more importance over the other? I would say yes.

I have been in a shop, making my choice of purchase and thought:

I love the colour and the pattern; I am getting that.

I love the colour, the pattern I can take or leave but I buy it purely because of colour.

I have never thought…

Oh, I like the pattern but not the colour so I am buying that…

I believe pattern is important, colour within the pattern has the edge. It can attract us across the shop floor, allure us over to take a closer look, to examine the garment further. Once we get a connection, a reaction, a stimulation of happiness, this increases our desire to buy.

Once the visual stimulation has increased the interest other factors come into play like shape, fit and feel… It’s sight that creates the first connection with other senses increasing our desire to have it. Next, explore it in detail. Next, decision made.

Enhancing desire is key. Once the initial interest has been made by using the sight sense, all the other senses come into play to create the desire have it or leave it.

First we need to get your attention!

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