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  • Jill Phillips

Fashion Or Style?

Are you a style or a fashion guru?

Fashion and style both link very closely together, they can be incorporated into architecture, art, interiors or apparel so what is the difference between the two?

The definition of fashion is – fashion (noun), the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time.

The definition of style, however, is – style (noun) 1. a distinctive manner of expression.

What is fashion?

It is a specific style which has an overall popularity at a specific time. This is how we can talk about trends in history, the Edwardian age, the Victorian age, the 60’s and the list goes on. Fashion houses create designs that they think will be fashionable at a certain time; trends that are emerging. High street retailers, influencers and bloggers all respond to the catwalk shows in their own creations and a collective of a trend begins to emerge, a fashion is born.

Fashion is seasonable.

It comes and goes; it can move out of trend very quickly or it can progress slowly and move into a similar form with differences, for instance, the length of a hem.

Fashion has a timespan.

Its temporary. We may not know what that timespan is but we know that it will move on and we shall desire another cut, colour or texture.

However, this is as a collective endeavour, you will not be the only one in this fashion trend.

And style is?

All personal. Its about having the confidence to use clothing and accessories in a unique expressive way. Style is freer, it’s a choice which engages the relationship between imagination and garments. Style is a direct hit at bringing attention towards ourselves, our self-expression, it’s a direct relationship to who we are.

It is unique.

Style is slower but is not unaffected by fashion. The longevity of the garment depends on how the outfit is as a collective… how it is styled in different and unique ways. Finding your style can take time, it can be a process and evolution into form.

Style is timeless.

And don’t forget that fashion and style can merge. Take a fashion houses garments and creating your own personal style with them moves it into an overlap which is both fashion and style. Finding your own style can take time, mix it up, see what you enjoy, what suits you. Marrying the two elements of fashion and style allow you to be fashionable but have your own personal twist on the outfit.

Explore, permit yourself to be a follower of fashion but claim your style, you will find that you are able to have a capsule wardrobe that can be expanded with clothes and accessories that create your own style. Adhering to fashion but being unique.

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