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  • Jill Phillips

Discovering Hidden Concepts

Do you get a buzz from finding something unexpected in a product that you have already explored and missed? It’s like finding a hidden pocket in a new coat!

This is my cheeky speciality! I love to incorporate these little hidden gems within my visual illustrations. I understand why I have the little quirky / ‘abnormal’ (or very normal) sections; I enjoy that it allows people to rediscover something new within a piece that they think they know or have already made an assumption of.

It’s all about connection. I create products that connect with you more than once. I want to give you more, adding a sense of fun in the fact that it is ‘hidden’ in plain sight.

Aemelia's five legs created many an interesting conversation during Milan Design Week

It’s a play between the eye and the brain. To prevent overloading of the brain there is a ‘filter’ this limits the information that the brain has to absorb initially. The eye cleverly states what it is and from our past experiences we know what to expect; for example, a table equals four legs and a top. (Aemelia's five legs created many interesting conversations during Milan Design Week.)The details that follow on are the actual image, they reach the brain between 10 to 30 seconds after, all recognition completed in super quick time- we are not even aware of it happening. My work plays on this theory combined with reconnection.

I love a good story. It is my research before the concepts arrive, getting a story I want to tell. It gives me a strong base to start to design from; allowing me to create the unexpected. Many times, this research has begun with historical references however I tend to look at the more unknown aspects of the event. My imagination then creates the visuals from the idea that has resonated with me. Sometimes this is a long and slow process and others times these concepts arrive with speed.

The concepts that inspire me, I believe, require talking about. Little snippets of information that should be heard for all sorts of reasons, sometimes it is humour, or joy or strength that needs to be shared. Mix these concepts with trend forecasting, cultural shifts, pattern, colour trends, market information and at the end of this long process I have a design to share.

I want to tell you a story, if you don’t have the time to explore and absorb it you may visually miss it.

It’s like seeing a painting in a gallery; let your senses explore it, make your assumption of it and then read what it is all about. It may surprise you.

Unexpected shapes and forms create rediscovery within the illustrations; the surprise twists are my cheeky hello to you. These twists make each and every product connected to me and through that I have connected with you.

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