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  • Jill Phillips

Fashion Trend Forecasting

As a teenager, I used to think that the shops just magically came up with similar trends. As my career took me into the ‘fashion’ industry, college taught me that this is a whole world of delight.

I find this sector really interesting and important in the design of a product. It excites me that the combination of people, culture and sub cultures create these trends along with a good dollop of creativity!

Of course, companies all design for someone, the desire has to be there to purchase it There is no point creating something if it will not sell.

Within the industry there are many forecasting companies. These companies gather their information by creating a collection of influential people that bring to the table their opinion of trends moving forward and the reasons why. The cultures around the world create these movements, an iconic movie release may shift a trend, a natural disaster could shift it in another way. Our human desires change as things around us change, the collective of these becomes a trend.

For example, get a group of people together and talk about colour, each brings the samples to the table of what they believe will be important moving forward. You find within all the samples that there are important ones, designers may all bring the same shade of green. That green becomes a trend.

Designers also look at what has gone before, how the colours have shifted forward in the past and in what direction, for example, a blue may become warmer in tone for the following year. Yellow may become butterier.

During lockdown blue and green have become important as we crave these outside colours… The restrictions have shifted us as a culture to desire plants and blue sky!

I get such a buzz from examining how things are moving forward, I love looking at society and seeing how they can shift this market. Next time you see an iconic movie perhaps you will recognise a colour trend, the shape of a garment or even music influencing our world.

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