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  • Jill Phillips

Feel-Good Future

It’s been a case of house arrest for many of us. We moved from workwear to loungewear, comfortable clothing, only formal dressing from the waist up for all the online meetings.

Now that we are moving back to normal routines. So too, does our wants and desires. Shaking off the doom and gloom of the last few years is really bringing us joy and we want to expand on that joy. We are excited, we appreciate what we had before and are embracing our normal.

Dopamine is responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. When you feel good that you have achieved something, it's because you have a surge of dopamine in the brain. You also feel this surge when you experience things such as buying something, being in an environment that ignites you etc.

We have a movement of dopamine colour coming through. Consumers are connecting to these intense colour palettes, immersing themselves in the pure joy of life. The colours are strong, bold and unapologetic for being so. They bring us joy.

Use cerise pinks, sunshine yellow, turquoise and spring greens in abundance. Sweet colours; embraced in bold geometrics or colour blocking garments. Print may fall in the form of abstract art. Texture, colour and brush strokes depicting a painting of sorts. Creativity and expression being at the forefront but with the brush stroke of a human hand.

Be unafraid. Move forward with joy and happiness oozing from your style. We have had a tough time; we can afford to push those expressive boundaries. Know that wearing these ‘brights’ is the feel-good future.

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