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  • Jill Phillips

Life's Perfect Cycle

In life’s cycle even the most perfect flower has started out as a small seed, tucked under the ground. The cycle expands into a beautiful thing of riotous colour and form yet truly, in that second, we fail to recognize that it too becomes imperfect, the cycle continues, the flowers diminishes and it returns to the ground to continue to be of benefit.

Examining things from a slightly different angle can give us a whole new view and perception of something.

At full bloom the flower has peaked in its colour and form, we aim for them to be the correct density of colour, size and shape and visually the flower at this point, is at its best. Yet if we take time to look at the before and after we can see that there is a lot more in this cycle than this one point in the journey. There are other jobs completed along the way.

Starting out as a seed, it has derived from something else, another flower, a journey before, another cycle. Starting small it grows, fed all the relevant nutrients and water the seed quickly knows the job it has to complete and begins. Once a shoot the adventure keeps on going, growth occurs and the flower begins to form. Full bloom occurs and then the journey in our eyes is past its ‘best’ and at this point we generally move on to another with interest. But stop, if we just take a second to note, this flower still has more to give, for it the journey continues…Creating seeds, even the decomposing gives back to the earth to benefit other cycles to happen. It keeps on giving even after we have forgotten about it.

Design can be like this. It has a journey. The journey of creativity and production. The knowledge that is gathered along the way is as of much benefit to this design as to the next design. Progress. All of what has gone before influences what comes next. Advances in yarns and production introduce new things. This journey of mistakes and accomplishments expands the imagination for the next design process, the next journey.

When you look at a design remember to appreciate the journey that has gone before to achieve this state of perfection and the knowledge that this contributes to the next design cycle.

All of these small journeys create a bigger picture, this is just a point in time.

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