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  • Jill Phillips

Tones of Black

I am not a lover of black. I do love though how is can make everyone look glamourous and it suits most of us rather well, including me.

I struggle with its lack of colour but the way we use colour is changing.

Black will never depart, it is far to easy to wear, to match and it has a sense of style. But it is moving on.

For me the move is more favourable, changed a little with a hint of colour. Emerging are very dark colours, almost blacks but with pure depth. The tone can be any, blue, purple, green, red etc.

Think of aubergine, the dark leaves of the cherry tree or a super deep navy-blue sea. Don’t forget to pair with purer colours to lift the whole look.

Take the damson fruit as an example, it has that very dark black skin with a hint of purple. Inside there is the brighter stronger red with the warm sunset yellows. So those three colours pair together very well as the beginnings of a palette.

The trick is to take the depth out of the pure black by introducing tones of colour within it. Almost black but not quite.

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