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Jill Phillips is an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer, with her skills and interests also leading her into other unusual projects where creativity and vision is required.

An industrial textile designer for almost ten years, Jill Phillips’s passion for fabric, texture and pattern is evident in throughout her portfolio. Much of her current work has evolved from concepts intrinsically linked to her and is often incorporated into her work in delightfully surprising ways.

One current project is a research study; a pilot project with Queens University, Belfast. Jill is the Industrial Designer on this joint project with the Psychology Department;

“Investigating the Association of Emotional Valence with Simple Design Characteristics.”

This exciting project researches the relationship between emotions and design characteristics, the outcome will explain if there is any relationship between emotional words and design characteristics.

We expect the results to confirm that different design characteristics are connected with different emotions. These results will influence how we design products from a physical or visual aspect by taking into account the subconscious brain choices we make whilst we buy.

This project explores aspects of cognitive science and sub conscious reactions to expand on the psychology of why we should choose certain design attributes over others.

Jill  has worked closely with apparel retailers and garment makers such as Loro Piana, Ralph Lauren Polo, Jigsaw, French Connection, M&S ladies wear, Armani AX etc creating collections up to two years in advance. Trend forecasting; colour, construction and finish of textiles for a variety of garments and end uses.

Within the interior market she has researched, trend  forecasted and designed collections for Skopos, Moygashel, Project Moygashel, Hainsworth and Atkinson to name a few. Collections were designed for hotel and leisure through to home interior markets, with all end uses being catered for.


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